#16 Stand Inktober52

Tombow, Copic, Aqua Pen Graphix, Deleter NEOPIKO-Color pens, Stoneground Watercolor paint, and Graphix Aqua Ink in Sunshine Yellow, Pyrrole Red, and Quinacridone Gold.

I am catching-up to the weekly word prompts for Inktober52. I chose a Lemonade Stand. When growing up in coastal New England, my neighbor, Marcia and I would host a lemonade stand occasionally.

Our daughters hosted a couple of lemonade stands. Only 14 states allow impromptu lemonade stands. I have only lived in states where it is permissible. It is a great way for kids to start to learn about business.

3 thoughts on “Stand”

  1. Lemonade Stand is a very colorful drawing of 3 close friends trying their luck at a lemonade stand. The colors are vibrant and really stand out. The signs, lemonade, cups, lemonade container, tablecloth are very colorful and great to draw people in to get their lemonade. Even the lemons look good. The lemonade is made with real lemons and not a mix so another reason to try it and it looks refreshing. Well done Carol Ann.

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