Fay Canyon Trail

Fay Canyon Trail

11″ x 14″ Acrylic

Tonight was Friday Night Live with Acrylic University. This is the Fay Canyon Trail near Sedona, Arizona. This morning I painted black gesso on a white canvas. Painting on canvas was a much smoother experience than painting on black paper. This painting took a couple of hours. It was a lot of fun to paint. I look forward to going to Arizona and visit family in Tucson and will bring my paint supplies.

2 thoughts on “Fay Canyon Trail”

  1. Beautiful! You have done an excellent job on painting the Fay Canyon Trail. Your attention to detail is excellent. The colors and detail of the trees, foreground areas and the canyon itself are great. I believe I have heard that in Sedona there is a lot of red colors in the rocks. I remember years ago we had a minister that went out that way to do an interim ministry and had sent pictures of the rocks and landscape there and I remember those same red colors and that was a photograph. It seems more real in a painting.


  2. Thank you, Karen. I went to Tucson to visit my family there in 1978 during my first cross-country road trip. Hopefully Greg and I will be able to take a road trip in 2022. This was lots of fun to paint. 🤩


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