Inktober 52 Week 12 Microscopic

This prompt brought me back to high school biology class when we looked at plant matter under a microscope. As a life long gardener, I have a fondness for plants.

3 thoughts on “Microscopic”

  1. Very nice! Hooray for the plant cells.I guess being a lifelong gardener it would be helpful to know your plant from the cell level out. Is that still working with acrylics?


  2. process of Inktober, which is during the month of October where there is a word prompt every day during the month of October. It was founded by Jake Parker, an illustrator and was started as a way to improve one’s drawing skills. There are people participating all over the world.

    2. Acrylic University was founded by Jed Dorsey, an artist from a family of artists. He lives in Washington State and is joined with other artists. When I first started painting with acrylic paint, I soon realized that I need some instruction, as I primarily have been working with watercolor paint. I am a online student with participants from all over the world. The Mini Paint Challenge instructional and the online classes are taken whenever the student wishes to take the class. The Friday Night Live painting sessions are live painting sessions broadcasted on You Tube. Jed sometimes has special guest artists and one can paint along with Jed. It is a much faster pace than the instructional classes, but it is super fun. 🤩


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