#11 Spaceship

It took me some time to figure out how to proceed with this Inktober52 prompt. A couple of days ago, I brought along a pad of marker paper, a drawing pencil and an eraser to keep me occupied in the car, while Greg had an appointment. It was a cold morning, and the landscaping was a lovely distraction. Drawing a spaceship? I would rather sketch the budding trees. Imagination can be so much fun. I thought about my Granny Carol and her husband, a WWII Army Air Corps Colonel and an inventor. One of his inventions was a “bra” to protect the front of airplanes from ice. His drafting tools are still in my grandmother’s desk. So I channeled Colonel Godfrey Speir and sketched.Later, I used my parent’s wedding China to make the oval shape. I let it go for a couple of days, so I could figure out what to do next.

Today, It all came together. I mixed up my own ink by using Kuretake Zig Ink Stick mixed with water in a Kuretake Zig Bokuchi Suzuri stone reservoir. This was in my October 2020 Sketchbox Kit. This Sumi ink is easy to make and is fun to use. Fun!

5 thoughts on “Spaceship”

  1. Nice job on the spaceship! You had enough ideas to use to draw! The WWII Airforce Colonel and inventor was also a good resource. Also a very interesting story to go along with the drawing as well as the scenery while you were sketching ideas. It is nice to hear about your inspirations for your drawings and paintings.
    Well done!

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  2. Thank you, Karen! I read that the β€œbra” was used to keep the front of the plane from icing. I will look for the link. I found some of his patents from when he worked at Curtiss-Wright.


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