Inktober52 #4

The Stagg Tree is the 5th largest tree in the world and is over 2000 years old.

Posca Uni White pen

Brushmarker Pro – Copper Brown and Neutral Grey

Tombow Pro Brush Pen

Sketchbox Signature Pens

Uni Emott Fine Point Pen

Monami Color Twin Brush

Deleted Neopiko Brush and Fine Pens

Zig Calligraphy Pen Sepia

Copic Multiliner Wine and Cobalt

Tombow MONO drawing pen

Faber-Castell Dark Sepia

Pilot Razor Point Green

Kuretake Custom Irodori Kobako Kit

Hahnemuhle Hot Press Watercolor Paper

4 thoughts on “Ancient”

  1. Carol Ann, Wow, That is truly amazing! To imagine that a tree can last 2,000 years is quite a feat in this day and age with all the forces of nature that are happening all over. Your ink drawing is quite remarkable in showing the ancient tree as well as younger tree around it. The colors you have used are nicely used to show the age of the tree as well as what it looks like after 2,000 years and the younger trees colors etc. Very nicely done.

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