Gregory in the Sunflowers

My husband Gregory Conners in our garden –

Hansa Yellow Light – DS Daniel Smith

Aureolin – HWC Holbein Artists’ Watercolor

Cobalt Green Yellow Shade – HWC

Green Apatite Genuine – DS

Cascade Green – DS

Moonglow – DS

Lunar Black – DS

Burnt Bronzite Genuine – DS

Payne’s Gray – WN Windsor and Newton

Jaune Brilliant No. 2 – HWC

Permanent White Gouache – HWC

Malachite Genuine – DS

Copper- Jack Richeson Metallic

Kuretake Custom Irodori Kobako Kit

Faber – Castell Pitt Artist Gold Pen

Copic Multiliner Wine

8″ x 10″ Fredric Watercolor Canvas Board

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