3 thoughts on “Inktober #14 Armor”

  1. Armadillo is very good. Do you have them in CA? It is a very good interpretation of armor. I remember when we lived in Panama we would see them. It might have been in the zoo there. My father was stationed there and I was in Nursery School there! I was about 3-4 years old. I also spoke quite a bit of Spanish which was learned at school. Anyway my father used to catch animals when he was in the jungle and used to donate them to the zoo. He caught snakes and let us look before he brought them to the zoo. It was very scary and probably why I don’t like snakes to this day! They were big and some were poisonous I believe. The Armadillo looks cute too me and is just going about his or her business. They are not colorful creatures but you have done a wonderful job depicting there armor.

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    1. I feel like an armadillo when I have to go out in public. An imaginary protective armor does help. Another one I use is “prickly cactus”. I need to carry a tape measure to keep people 10’ away


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