7 thoughts on “Inktober #12 Slippery”

    1. A few months later I tripped and fell forward while crossing F Street in Eureka. Fortunately my sunglasses protected my face. I learned to be very careful.


  1. WOW! I hope you are okay. Nice picture of yourself. I guess that is one way to portray slippery. If it was me I would have bounced back up quickly just hoping no-one saw me and before knowing if I was hurt. Anyway nice picture for Inktober and nice colors for the trees. Are they some kind of pine or redwoods? Also nice expression on your face, surprise!!

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    1. I did bounce on both sides and my back, even hit my head. I did bounce back upright. No one saw me and I hobbled back to my mother’s house. Then I fly home to California. My physician told me I was very lucky.


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