6 thoughts on “Tulip”

  1. Hi Carol, I really enjoyed The Tulip! It is like a breath of spring and a sign of hope! The colors are bright and help with knowing spring is on the way! Although we have really not had a bad winter at all. The daffodils have been coming up for a while but usually it gets cold and they freeze and then don’t really bloom, but so far there is hope! So I have enjoyed the paintings you have been doing! Stay safe over in CA and I will continue to check out your paintings.

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    1. Hi, Karen,

      I am glad to know that your daffodils are starting to bloom!
      This hardy tulip was the first to bloom. I feel smug because these have been in the garden for years . I have divided them and moved them. The biggest bonus is that the gophers have not eaten them.
      Please take care and be we well! ❤️


  2. Spring …new beginnings…hope…a little visual to help us remain happy and more peaceful in this turbulent covid 19 twilight zone we are now in. Thank you!!

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    1. Hi, Mary,
      It is indeed like the Twighlight Zone! And with Spring comes hayfever season. Stay well, Mary! We will get through this – ❤️


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