Autumn Maple

10″ x 14″Arches 300 lb Cotton

Watercolor Paint:

Ultramarine Deep Gouache

Rhodonite Genuine


Nickel Azo Yellow

Pyrrol Scarlet

Raw Sienna

Jaune Brilliant Gouache

Leaf Green Gouache

Ivory Black

Payne’s Gray

And a smidgeon of Copic Ink Pens

Toner Gray 1 and 2

Grayish Lavender

Tahitian Blue

Neutral Gray

2 thoughts on “Autumn Maple”

  1. I have enjoyed your Autumn pictures and Autumn Maple!! Unfortunately we are now having snow although it is supposed to change to rain. Our leaves are all gone and brown the ones that are left. I have really enjoyed the various colors you have used in your paintings to get the wonderful effect of fall and the varied colors that show in the Autumn leaf colors.


  2. I started this painting when the leaves were still on the tree and the ground and were still colorful. Alas due to the storms and freezing weather, the tree is bare and the leaves are brown. Such is autumn 🍂 – a fleeting delight of color!


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