Dia De Los Muertos or Day of the Dead is today. I picked marigolds from our gardens to make a little alter to honor my ancestors.

This year I am remembering my mother. She passed this past Summer and I have been grieving. To work through the grieving process, I participated every day during the month of October with Inktober, creating a different drawing each day. I am dedicating all my Inktober drawings to my mom.

This pumpkin 🎃 was grown in our garden and was picked yesterday and was the model for #31 Ripe. Our palm tree stands behind it and part on the alter for Dia De Los Muertos. Most all of my Inktober drawings were drawn right here at home except for a couple that were drawn when we were in San Francisco.

For most of the drawings I used these Copic Ink Markers. I loved playing with these. They are smooth on the paper like butter.

I also used pen and ink, brush and ink, and an assortment of ink markers. I used a variety of paper for the drawings, including Copic drawing paper, Strathmore Toned Blue Mixed Media, Arnheim 1618, and Fabriano colored drawing paper.

I enjoyed immersing myself in this project. Inktober was a worthwhile art adventure. I grew as an artist. I was able to work through my grief and find joy. Yay!