4 thoughts on “Inktober #31 Ripe”

  1. Hi Carol Ann,
    I want to say Congtats for completing your Inktober challenge!!! A job well done. Nice drawing of Greg and You!, You have really done well with your attention to detail. Just studying your drawings you can see the detail in people and other things or animals you have done. I wished I was artistic when I was younger! Your last drawing in Ripe is really great and also fitting for the last one in Inktober! The pumpkin looks really nice until you can see where it is starting to get too ripe near the bottom. A little bit past the season!! Anyway I have enjoyed seeing the Inktober drawings even though it was a BIG challenge to get one done every day! I hope you will get a break before you do anymore paintings or drawings! I look forward to seeing more of your Art in the future!! Congrats again on completing the Inktober Challenge!!

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    1. Thank you, Karen, for following along and for your participation. Whew! Made it! What is next? Stay tuned – lol 🎃


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