2 thoughts on “Inktober #29 Injured”

  1. Hi Carol Ann,
    It is Karen C leaving more comments for Tasty to Injured! All I can say is WOW! You should be proud of yourself that you have just about finished the Inktober Challenge!!! Anyway your drawings have been amazing up til now. I can really see how you have progressed as an artist. You can see the attention to detail in all your drawings! In Tasty you can see how she wants the cupcake but she is small and so far away from her prize. Dark is a wonderful landscape of a beautiful scene at late night or very early in the morning when usually there is no one around to see the beauty at night. I am usually up at that hour most nights so I get to see the changes of the new day coming about even from the windows of my patients rooms. Coat is wonderful because it looks so inviting and warm to keep out the cold. Of course Ride is really great. You can just imagine yourself driving in that ride and having the wind blowing through your hair and just enjoying yourself as you drive with no particular destination in mind. Injured really shows up in the face and mind. With different shading techniques and colors you can almost see what she has gone through! I can’t believe Inktober is almost done. Anyway I have to say you have certainly been up to the Challenge. Keep up the great work. Sorry this is so long!!


    1. I absolutely adore your comments, Karen – thank you!
      Yesterday afternoon after working my day job, I told Greg that I was done with Inktober, but I got a second wind and worked on Injured. Just 2 more days to go!


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