C243FD77-2D38-48A1-B73E-7A0DE8A8743DSLICE 4” x 6” Coptic 70 lb Marker Paper Black Sumi Ink, Higgins Black Magic, Coptic Markers (Smoky Blue, Greyish Lavender and Frost Blue)

All Hallows’ Eve 2018 – This is the last day of Inktober 2018. I enjoyed this experience and look forward to participating in next year’s Inktober started by Jake Parker in 2009.

0AE458AB-B726-4934-86B0-062DE9C5A5FBGIFT 3” x 9” Black Copic Ink

927BDFBA-96BA-465F-B73E-72E0CE278DABTHUNDER 7” x 10” Lanaquarelle Sumi Ink with Watercolors: Opera Pink, Moonglow, and Lunar Black

E7FDCC72-268E-4725-BBC8-826B5BF1FE45(UN) BREAKABLE #20

6A1D67D9-C27C-4207-B918-3116FF6AB136SCORCHED 3” x 9” Higgins Black Magic #19

65EE7C9E-6081-445E-ADAC-4D548F41594E BOTTLE 3”x 9” Higgins Black Magic Ink

9CE0D08F-17B8-4CB7-B93C-A56C891524B2WHALE 3” x 9”  Cobalt Blue Copic Multiliner

This was the Inktober prompt for day #12, although I drew it today on day #17. Just because. I love whales.

A loved one kindly informed me that there is a prompt to follow each day with Inktober. Before 2016, one could draw whatever. Hey, I thought I was doing pretty well accomplishing a drawing a day, now to find out there is a prompt each day. 😆

I drew the following drawing from memory from when I visited Teotihuacan in 1982. After I drew it I looked it up and I was not too far off.

7DA09045-2CB0-4CDD-A58D-86D4704B02EBANGULAR Inktober 3” x 9” Sketchliner Drawing Pen Extra Fine Black

84C92FF6-E8AB-4359-B7AC-59A9BDCA225D.jpegGREG AND CAROL 3” x 9” Black Coptic Multiliner and Graphite

156BBEF1-75E2-4425-8491-9F04731236AEPAPAVER 3” x 9” Cobalt Coptic Multiliner Pigment Ink


PAPAVER 3” x 9” Higgins Black Magic Ink

17A47472-0D5B-4CB7-9E5D-8629A8E45BBDBEDTIME 3” x 9” Fabre-Castell India Ink Pitt Pens

54FCBD1A-FBD2-4983-95E2-0067AB01461FLUNA 5” x 7” Sumi Ink

288E2E25-A33A-407B-B4D1-DDA9D4BE28F4LIVING ROOM WINDOW 3” x 9”

D9A15664-00BF-4AF8-8A63-ED4DAF779441CLEANING HER TOES 3” x 9” Higgins Black Magic

9B2ADF5E-5920-48CF-A154-26977C73448CSQUAT AND DROP IT 3” x 9” Coptic Multiliner

A84C7C1A-16D9-4A2D-9234-0455F3B6AC51Sumi Ink

45C4CE20-4E82-4BC1-BE7D-90816A092D53PHILODENDRON Dark Sepia India Ink

I thought it would be fun to participate with Inktober this month to try new mediums and to practice my drawing.