Watercolor on Canvas 9″x 12″

Artist Loft Heavy Duty Canvas

Daniel Smith Watercolor Ground

Quinacridone Rose

Quinacridone Red

Rose of Ultramarine

Rodonite Genuine

Quinacridone Gold

Goethite (Brown Ochre)

Cobalt Blue

Royal Blue


This was an another experimental project inspired by my Repurposing Perfectly Good Cosmetic Boxes Project.

The first step was gathering the materials.


After shaking and stirring the Watercolor Ground, I used a small disposable brush and a small roller to apply it to the canvas.

This was a bit messy. There was lint on the roller, so I used lots of paper towels to wipe off the lint.



After the Watercolor Ground was applied, it dried and cured for 72 hours.

Applying the watercolor paint began by first blocking in the colors.


Unlike painting on Cotton where the paper absorbs the paint, the watercolor paint can be moved around and even lifted from the surface of the prepped canvas. The painting was constantly changing. To get the rich colors, many applications of paint were applied then wiped off to get the effects and intensity.

Eventually, I was satisfied with the results. I sprayed one coat of Shellac on the project and allowed it to dry. I painted a black band of paint along the outside of the frame followed by gold paint for trim.

When dry, I applied two more coats of Shellac.