Every once in a while there is a project that I think about for a long time before I actually do it. As I age, I spend more time on my skin and caring for it.  I like certain cosmetics and sometimes the packaging is just too nice to throw away. I collected the boxes that I used for this project for a couple of years. They were perfectly good empty cosmetic boxes.

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First, I paper mached the outside of the boxes. I applied a diluted outer coat of Elmer’s Glue and allowed to dry for a few days.  Next, I painted on a coating of Daniel Smith Watercolor Ground in titanium white and allowed to dry for a week. The watercolor ground provides a paintable surface. Using a glittery black enamel, I painted the inside of the boxes and the trim. I applied a paint blocker for the hydrangeas before I started painting.

It took several applications of paint as the paint was slippery on the watercolor ground. After I finished painting the hydrangeas, I touched up the black enamel and added gold trim. In our well-ventilated garage, I sprayed two coats of shellac on the outside of the boxes, allowing to dry between coats.

img_6076 img_6258 hydrangea5

hydrangea2 hydrangea4