Remote #5 Inktober52

Due to the COVID19 pandemic, since March 18, 2020, my husband, Greg and I have spent most all of our time working remotely from home. We first set up or home office and ran our business from the dining room table. Soon we converted extra bedrooms into our home offices. This room is now my office, yoga, and art room. It is where I work remotely.

Lake Thomsen

4″ x 7″ Sketchbox Panel

Acrylic Golden Open Paint:

Cobalt Blue

Quinacridone Magenta

Chromium Oxide Green

Benzimidazone Yellow Light

Phtalo Green

Payn’s Grey

Burnt Sienna

Yellow Ochre

Sennelier Flesh Ochre



Inktober52 #4

The Stagg Tree is the 5th largest tree in the world and is over 2000 years old.

Posca Uni White pen

Brushmarker Pro – Copper Brown and Neutral Grey

Tombow Pro Brush Pen

Sketchbox Signature Pens

Uni Emott Fine Point Pen

Monami Color Twin Brush

Deleted Neopiko Brush and Fine Pens

Zig Calligraphy Pen Sepia

Copic Multiliner Wine and Cobalt

Tombow MONO drawing pen

Faber-Castell Dark Sepia

Pilot Razor Point Green

Kuretake Custom Irodori Kobako Kit

Hahnemuhle Hot Press Watercolor Paper



Inktober52 #3

Emott Ever Fine Pens, Pilot Razor Point Green, Copic Multiliner Cobalt Blue, Faber-Castell Pitt Pens in Gold and Dark Sepia, Fudenosuke Purple Pen, and Kuretake Zig Calligraphy Sepia Pen on Arnheim 100% Cotton Paper

5″ x 7″

Gregory in the Sunflowers

My husband Gregory Conners in our garden –

Hansa Yellow Light – DS Daniel Smith

Aureolin – HWC Holbein Artists’ Watercolor

Cobalt Green Yellow Shade – HWC

Green Apatite Genuine – DS

Cascade Green – DS

Moonglow – DS

Lunar Black – DS

Burnt Bronzite Genuine – DS

Payne’s Gray – WN Windsor and Newton

Jaune Brilliant No. 2 – HWC

Permanent White Gouache – HWC

Malachite Genuine – DS

Copper- Jack Richeson Metallic

Kuretake Custom Irodori Kobako Kit

Faber – Castell Pitt Artist Gold Pen

Copic Multiliner Wine

8″ x 10″ Fredric Watercolor Canvas Board



#2 Inktober52

Copic Markers, TRIBLEND Spectrumnoir Matkers, Derwent Line Marker, Faber Castell Sepia, Copic Multiliner Wine, and Tombow Grey on Strathmore Smooth Marker Paper 9″ x 12″



#1 for Inktober 52

Inktober 52 is a one drawing per week challenge based on a weekly word prompt. The word prompt for this first week of 2021 is FRESH.

Kuretake Zig Sepia, Tom Norton’s Walnut Drawing Ink, Speedball Solid Red, Kuretake Custom Irodori Kabako Kit and Hobein Permanent White Gouache on Schut Noblesse 100% Cotton paper.

Happy 2021!


I had fun practicing painting Trees with watercolor paint.

For fun, I added a photo filter from Instagram: