The Grand Duchess of the Garden


This grand wisteria was planted when our house was built in 1954. We call her the Grand Duchess of the Garden.

I started this painting last weekend while painting outside in the garden. After working on it every evening the past week, she is finished.

18″x 24″ on Arches hot press cotton block. Most of the paint that I used was made by Daniel Smith of Seattle, Washington.



Zinnias were the first flowers that I planted from seed when I was five years old.  It is that time of year for me to plant my zinnias.  Hopefully, I will start them this weekend in the greenhouse.



Our wisteria is now in bloom. It is a grand specimen and is well over 50 years old.

Watercolor 12″ x 16″ Arches 140 lb cotton

Looking out the Window


12″ x 9″ The Langton Prestige 140 lb cotton block, Daniel Smith  watercolor paint.



Sometimes it is too cumbersome to travel with my painting supplies. So while staying at my mother’s house in another state, I needed to find something quiet to do while it snowed outside. I went to the local Ben Franklin store and bought some student quality oil pastels and a pad of drawing paper. 11″x 14″


Daffodil in Window


Daffodil in Window – Watercolor 9″x 12″ Arches 300 lb cold press cotton