Watercolor 18″ x 24″ Arches Hot Press 140 lb cotton


imagewatercolor on 140 lb Lanaquarelle cotton


Petunias and Aloe

petunias and aloe

I love to grow flowers.  This watercolor was especially fun to create and is of plants growing in pots on our back deck.

Nasturtiums on Victorian Porch


This painting developed from a photo that I snapped on a walk.  This Victorian stood empty for a long time. The nasturtiums took over the front porch creating a delightful subject for a painting. Since I painted this, the porch has been rebuilt, the nasturtiums have been removed, and the house has been put up for sale.

Plowed Fields Along Highway 20

I love when we drive past the plowed fields along Highway 20 heading west from Williams, California.

Plowed Field near Williams, CA

This small painting was painted on Yupo, a synthetic paper made out of recycled plastic.

Sutter Buttes

When we travel to and from Sacramento we pass Sutter Buttes on Highway I5.

Sutter Buttes large

This watercolor painting is 7″ by 10″ and on 140 pound Lanquarelle cotton block paper.


A few small paintings

I painted these 3 small paintings over this past rainy weekend.  They are each 3″ by 3″ and were painted on 140 pound cotton Lanaquarelle block.

small Sutter ButtesSutter Buttes

little paintingAnemone

little painting2

Hydrangeas in Vase