6″ x 6″ Acrylic

This is the painting for the first day of the Acrylic University 5 Day Mini Paint Challenge. I was late logging into the class on my computer to discover that my panel should have been painted with black gesso. I scrambled to paint the panel black and blotted it with paper towels. The subject was flowers. I had no idea what kind of flowers, but I followed along with Jed painting pink flowers and blending shades of green. Then, I lost the connection to the video feed on the computer. Eventually, I was able to resume the class through my phone. It was difficult and small to see the photo and Jed’s painting, so I made it my own using lots of magenta paint. I decided that the flowers look like peonies that are just getting ready to bloom in our garden.

I learned the following techniques:

1. Mix a little gloss with the paint to make it last longer – even applying it directly to the canvas.

2. Use a hair drier to help dry the paint a little when needed.

3. Be ready to improvise.

A Vermont Country Road

A Vermont Country Road

9″ x 12″ Acrylic

I painted most of this painting a few weeks ago during Friday Night Live with Acrylic University host and artist, Jed Forsey who was joined by artist, Farley Lewis. Farley had take the photo for the painting during a trip to Vermont. It was a lot of fun to paint along.